Corona FAQs

Have a question about Corona tool? Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions that might help you get your questions answered quickly.

Q: Does the tree pruner rope work the pole saw?
A: No, the rope activates the lopping blade in the head of the tree pruner. The saw is used to manually make cuts.  For proper cutting performance, make cuts on the pull stroke, as the teeth on the saw blade are angled accordingly.  Trying to saw on the push stroke will result in poor performance and possible injury to you and/ or the blade.
Q: Can I sharpen a Razor Tooth Saw?
A: The blade is not meant to be sharpened.  If becomes dull, it should be replaced with a genuine Corona replacement blade.
Q: How can I get pruning advice?
A: Please click on Resources and download Corona's Principles of Pruning. The Corona Tools Garden app for iPhone and Androiddevices contains seasonal pruning tips and how-to videos.  And Corona's Growers Success Summit is a free online series of webinars which covers many topics including pruning.
Q: How do I sharpen my pruning blades?
A: Please click on Resources and download Corona's one-page sharpening guide .  The Corona Tools Garden app for iPhone andAndroid devices contains a how-to videos.  And Corona's Growers Success Summit is a free online series of webinars which covers many topics including proper tool maintenance.  For easy sharpening, we recommend Corona's own tool sharpener.
Q: Where can I buy genuine Corona replacement parts?
A: Most retailers do not carry Corona replacement parts. They can be ordered directly from our website on the Replacement Parts tab.
Q: How can I get replacement parts for the TP 4000?
A: We no longer have parts available on this item. Please try Sears, or any retailer that carries the 10" Remington electric chain saw.
Q: How can I get preplacement parts for my "older" Corona tools, that are no longer available?
A: Please call customer service at 800-234-2547. Please have the model number of the tool or the tool with you when you call.
Q: How do I re-align my lopper blades?
A: In the event the blade on your Corona lopper becomes out of alignment with the hook there is a simple adjustment.  Do not over-tighten the pivot bolt to attempt to re-align them.   Instead, review this short video or photo demonstrating the proper technique.
Q: What does the warning label on my product about containing chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm mean?
A: The California Proposition 65 warning is a mandated notice by the state. For a more detailed overview of the proposition and what it means to you, please see our Proposition 65 Overview