Corona Introduces Dual Cut TM Series Advanced Technology

Corona Clipper, the leading manufacturer of professional landscape and consumer gardening tools since 1920s, introduces an advanced technology design with its new flagship Dual Cut™ pruner, lopper and hedge shear. The Dual Cut series blade features patent-pending technology with its Power Zone designed to deliver up to twenty percent (20%) more cutting power over standard bypass cutting tool designs. Dual Cut™ Precision Zone makes quick work of detailed, precision-cutting with the combined action providing the power of two great cutting tools in one.

According to Phil Rogers, Corona's Consumer Marketing Manager, We put many hours of research into how gardeners and landscapers use these essential tools each day in order to come up with a design to help them achieve more in less time, exert less energy or enjoy their passion for longer periods of time. Rogers also adds, Corona's Dual Cut products are made using our forged steel technology for maximum sharpness, durability and dependability, season after season.

A close look at the blade reveals its distinctive dual bevel which forms the patent-pending design and the Power and Precision Zones. The Power Zone portion of the blade is designed to bite into the branch on the outer-most edge forcing it backwards towards the pivot bolt for maximum cutting power with less effort. The pronounced notch in the hook helps hold the branch in place while the blade slices the branch leaving a clean cut and exerting less force. The Precision Zone delivers maximum sharpness for detailed and fine cuts.

BP7100 Bypass Pruner
The BP7100 pruner features right or left hand activation with a centralized lock for ease of use. Its handles feature a soft, contoured exterior for lasting comfort with a forged steel underbody for lasting strength and durability. An integrated bumper system on the handles provides cushioned support that reduces hand fatigue for extended use. Noticeably unique about the BP7100 bypass pruner is no visible spring that has been concealed within the body of the tool. This design innovation prevents the spring from falling off and getting lost while keeping it free of dirt and sap which can cause sticking and reduced cutting performance. Its cutting capacity is up to 1" diameter and works best on pliable stems, small branches on shrubs, roses and vines. Suggested retail list price is $29.95.

SL7180 Bypass Lopper
The SL7180 lopper features trapezoidal handles and contoured grips designed to ergonomically fit the natural position of the hand. The comfort grips extend up the handles providing added comfort when making smaller precision cut while the integrated bumper system helps reduce stress and fatigue in the arms and upper body. The 2" diameter cutting capacity makes easy work of cutting larger green branches while the Precision Zone handles smaller stems or branches. Suggested retail list prices is $49.95

HS 7140 Hedge Shear
The HS 7140 hedge shear also features trapezoidal handles and contoured grips designed to ergonomically fit the natural position of the hand. Its Dual Cut Power Zone cuts green branches up to 1" diameter with less effort by forcing limbs closer to the pivot point, includes a shock absorbing integrated bumper system for less stress and fatigue, and 10½ inch resharpenable blades. The Precision Zone makes quick, precision cuts for shaping smaller branches and vines. Suggested retail list price is $49.95

Available in Spring 2011 through Lowe's, Ace Hardware, OSH and many independent garden centers located throughout the United States and are backed by Corona's limited lifetime warranty. For more information about availability and pricing of the company's high-quality tools for construction, gardening, landscaping and agriculture, call 800-847-7863 or visit Follow Corona on Facebook and on Twitter.