There’s No Business Like Snow Business!

Announcing Corona®’s new product introduction of Snow Shovels and Snow Pushers

Corona Snow ShovelCorona, Calif. (Dec. 18, 2013) – Corona® blasts into the winter market with four essential snow removal tools you’ll want to keep handy all season long. Corona’s growing presence across the U.S. now helps you tackle heavy snowfall with a line of easy-to-use, lightweight and tough snow shovels and snow pushers at competitive prices.

Don’t delay! NOAA has predicted above-normal snowfall throughout the 2013/14 winter, so order stock today, before more snow hits, by calling (951-737-6515). Corona® has the tools for snow removal in stock and ready to ship.

Advantages of Corona® Snow Shovels and Snow Pushers
Impact resistant yet lightweight poly blades minimize strain and cut harsh weather down to size. There are no metal edges, so Corona® snow removal tools are less likely to get caught or damage decks, patios or roofs. The handles are designed as oversize D grips that are easy to grab and use with or without bulky gloves.

Dig This
The flat, 18 inch wide poly blade on Corona’s Snow Shovel (PS 10010, $28) makes it easy to dig into packed snow, while the twice varnished 45½ inch hardwood handle provides leverage making it easier to pick up and move a load of snow. Homeowners and pro-landscapers can use PS 10010 to ensure safe access to homes and businesses, while avoiding damage to patios, decks, roofs and other finished surfaces.

Path of Least Resistance
Easily push snow aside and prevent injuries and lawsuits with your choice of two Corona® Snow Pushers. Their poly blades are more deeply curved in order to maximize pushing capacity and control. The Snow Pusher (PS 10025, $44) has a 24 inch wide poly blade for large-area driveways and parking lots, while the Snow Pusher (PS 10020, $37) has a 20 inch poly blade more suitable to sidewalks and walkways. Quickly and easily assemble these pushers by placing the head in the socket and using a screw (included) to attach it to the handle.

Multi-Tasking: Get the Scoop Here
Move mountains of snow with Corona® combination Snow Shovel/Pusher (PS 10030, $33) that offers a deep, scoop-like, 19 inch wide poly blade and the same twice varnished 45½ inch hardwood handle terminating in an oversize D grip. With PS 10030, professional landscapers can remove snow from customers’ businesses and homes quickly and easily, so they can move on to the next job.

Rely on Corona Tools
Corona® Tools has been building trust through performance for nearly a century. Look online for Corona® Ice Scrapers, Ice Breakers and Snow Scoops to round out your snow- and ice-clearing efforts. These essential snow removal tools are now available and fully stocked this winter at CoronaToolsUSA or at your local Corona® dealer.