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Want some great ideas to get your kids to ditch the smartphones, tablets and video games? Why not get them out in the garden and experiencing all the joys that nature provides. Corona is putting together a collection of easy to follow ideas that are also easy on the budget! Best of all, it helps teach young minds how to grow fresh foods and flowers.  And wanting to spend more time unplugged to enjoy lots of gardening adventures with you!

Corona Tools Kids Garden AdventuresFeatured Post: 5 Cool Projects to Make Composting Fun for Kids

How many of us grew up being told by our parents, not to play in the dirt or get dirty when we went out to play? I’ve found out, it’s great to get your hands a little dirty making fresh and organic compost. Composting is very simple, costs virtually nothing and is one of the best outdoor family activities you can do. Here is some quick information to share with kids about the benefits and how-to’s.

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